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Simple Guide to Photograph Wedding


First of all, try to pick all your gear..

Then strobe begot strobe, camera begot camera, lens begot lens and photographer begot assistants and the next thing you know, you’re walking around with three camera bodies, six off camera strobes, light stands and modifiers and an army to lug it all around for you.

The cash from high end weddings is nice, but the stress is not, so I have recently decided to try out a new bare-bones low cost / high profit wedding photography business model (more on that soon). A big part of the profitability of this plan is making sure that my wedding photography as efficient as possible.

That means eliminating all superfluous gear that I don’t absolutely need to do a good job of photographing a wedding.

Of course, this is where we all started with wedding photography, and where a sizable portion of the budget wedding photographers still live – but now that I am an experienced photographer, I was surprised that the wedding photos I can produce with just one camera, one lens and one flash are not that much different than what I typically shoot at high end weddings with a truckload of gear.

So, I though that I would take you through my approach to wedding photography – unplugged.

To show you my approach on how to photograph a wedding with just one photographer, one camera, one lens and one flash – I am just going to take you through a series of photos of a recent wedding (you might recognize a few of these photos from another recent post When A Guest-With-Camera Saves The Wedding Photography).

But first, my gear – I used:

  • Fuji XT-20
  • Fix Lens 35mm.

I also had a collapsible reflector, a spare camera body, lens and strobe, spare batteries and my old trusty Canon G9 with me (I’ll explain that one in a bit) a 0.6 (two stop) neutral density filter, a polarizing filter, Cactus V6 wireless radio triggers and a Manfrotto lightstand.

You can check out this video for more tips:

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