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b&w darkroom workshopnoir darkroom workshop


We are so excited to be sharing the hands-on craft of the darkroom experience.

There is something magical about seeing an image come to life right before your eyes.

Join us on July 14 and 15, as we will be covering the different types of films and how to use them to realize your vision and then take that into the darkroom where we can then create tangible art to finalize the vision.  In this digital age, it is nice to go back to the basics and reconnect with the tradition of darkroom printing.  It will help you to become a better photographer and there is so much satisfaction associated with this art form.

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We will have some class time in the morning of day one where you will learn about the development and enlargement process.  We will also be covering different films and formats and how each might be used for a specific look or style.  After class, we will have a shoot styled by Joy Proctor in a beautiful natural light studio.  After the first shoot, we will break for lunch, which will be provided and after lunch, we will move on to another shoot.

Day two will be dedicated to the darkroom.  Each attendee will have their own workstation with an enlarger and we will explain how to take your negative and create a fine art print.  You will be able to create as many prints as you are able during the 6 hours and you will be able to take them home with you.

All darkroom materials will be provided as well as some breakfast snacks and lunch each day.

We will be providing 5 rolls of b&w film to each attendee with overnight processing of one roll.

You will need to provide your own lodging and travel.

Email us with any questions or if you would like to register.


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