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Why Bali?
Bali is a creative, talented, and award-winning team of young photographers based in Bali. We use our photos to share your romantic love story on this “Island of the Gods”, inspired by the love and beauty of Bali. Our goal is to achieve the beauty, love and happiness that shines out of you as you fall in love, through the natural, high-quality, and indefinite images that you can choose for years to follow.

And of course, getting married is one of the decisions that will make a person. Choosing the right Bali wedding photographer to capture your special moments in Bali is an important decision you need during your wedding planning. Throughout the day of your marriage, a holy and intimate relationship will occur: when it is lost in the mind, the air of a quiet eye, and the gaze of the person who knows they finally find love in their life. And we will very Collect if we can be the one who tells your wedding story through the photos we take.

Importantly, we like photographing engagements and weddings. As a Bali wedding photographer, we feel we have one of the best jobs in the world, and we are very honored every time we are selected to be Bali wedding photographers. We hope to be yours … 🙂

meet us
Wet with us
“Sink under the surface and you’re free”
We always love underwater photography. Everything looks magical down there! We have been planning this for months and finally, we are designing to present our underwater wedding photoshoot. Contact us now for more information! xoxo

New Destination: Labuan Bajo
“You can always make money You can not always make memories”

Thank you Labuan Bajo with us! This is not for everyone, just for the adventurous spirit. Contact us now for more information about our Labuan Bajo all including pre-wedding trips now!

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