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Do We Really Need to Photo Newborn? If Yes, How Much is it?



I’m not a fan of price justification charged by photographers, whether it’s a wedding album or indeed, a newborn bud, but I want to write about it at least once before I put this subject to rest, as in recent months the price of baby newborn photography has been in the spotlight more often than usual.

I can start with an argumentative (“When was the last time anyone asked their doctor / dentist / architect / lawyer / private tutor why they demanded so much?”), But that will not get us anywhere.

Instead, I will try to break it down so that it can illuminate what costs we incur.

Newborn photography, like wedding photography, is a luxury. This is not mandatory and not everyone needs a massive canvas on their crib. We have phone cameras and DSLRs that finally reach most households, so we can do it ourselves, right?

Many of us do it, but for those who decide to let a newborn photographer take over, there is usually a dilemma: “How many photos are worth to me? What do I pay for?”

As photographers, we often feel embarrassed by the quoted price, and this causes us to lack the cost to our work (most of us are guilty of this at one point or another in our career). Not all photographers will have their prices clearly displayed on their site. We see the work of this incredible competition and this is more often than not making us aware of our shortcomings.

But we need to earn a living, so we fill in the numbers that rarely increase, just to meet the needs. From the client’s point of view, any given image (except FREE), seems like a lot (“You just click, anyone can do this, digital photos do not cost anything!”).

There’s a reason never a photographer in the Forbes list of 100 richest people.

This is a “free” photo shoot:

  1. Decent professional cameras start at £ 2000.
    There is no “one match for all” when it comes to the lens. Funny faces from your baby’s lips and whips?
  2. The macro lens starts from about £ 150. More round lenses will get us back from £ 600 to £ 1400 (yes, there are more expensive and cheaper lenses, but this is the basic range for decent quality glass). Both the camera and the lens require regular maintenance, which comes with an additional charge.
  3. Working from the UK, I can not rely on natural light, and have a flash as a back up. They start at around £ 150, but deserve a decent one, if it’s the only source of artificial light you have. It goes through the battery at the speed of light (see what I’m doing there?). Strobes are more popular, and more affordable.
  4. Rental rates and studio, gas and electricity. It varies greatly, but even if you (like me), start your business at home, you still need to include an image here for additional consumption for your business).
  5. Not just equipment insurance, loss of income insurance, building insurance .. We deal with somebody’s most valuable small item! No amount of insurance will cover us, in case something bad happens, but apart from that, we still need it. Public liability insurance is one of the most important purchases we will make in our photography career.
  6. Build and host website. There are many free self-build options to keep our site running and running, but if you do not understand technology, the best option is to ask someone to help us on this site. If we choose a simple WordPress template, and just decide a little change, it will get us back from about £ 400 and so on, if you choose a cheap band designer who works from home, multiply this number at least 4 times for design. agent with an office If you decide not to update your own site to ensure that the virus is safe and virus free, you have additional costs for the maintenance of your site.
    Hosting for site + support: about £ 40
  7. Business cards, brochures, Facebook ads, PPCs, SEOs, posters, flyers .. The sky is the limit, and of course we DO NOT MUST advertise, but then how are you?
    Editing software: Photoshop, Lightroom .. We can opt for a monthly subscription to Adobe Cloud over £ 8.50 per month and request our regular software updates in the package. We can buy it directly anywhere between £ 60 to £ 1900
  8. Calibrate hardware and software for the monitor. If you mostly use your computer to write, play games.

Do I need to say more?

Author: BFP Admin

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