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We love the South.  Jacksonville wedding photographer are so lucky to have green lush locations and the beach. Any chance we get to go out to that end of the country, we jump at it.  Here in Arizona we try to find green places to take couples to get a really natural feel, in the south, you can pretty much go anywhere and it’s green and lush.  We met Patrick and Rachael in Jacksonville Florida where they live for their engagement session.  We started at a park just at the entrance of the University of Northern Florida campus, just down the street from the couples residence.  We just scratched the surface of this amazing place and headed out to the next wonderful spot… Amelia Island.  We went to a beach where the trees are grown right to the edge and falling into the ocean.  It wasn’t your typical beach, so it automatically became a favorite for us!  It was just right to get some light filtering through the trees and making Patrick and Rachael glow with golden light.  They are such a fun and easy couple to photograph because they are so natural together. We would love being Jacksonville wedding photographers because it is so picturesque everywhere. We already miss being there and can’t wait til next time we get to visit the south.  We are so excited for Patrick and Rachael’s wedding in Arizona later this year.

UNF engagement photos Jacksonville Wedding Photographer Florida Wedding Photographer Jacksonville_engagement_photographer_014 Jacksonville_engagement_photographer_017 Jacksonville_engagement_photographer_026 Jacksonville_engagement_photographer_028 Jacksonville_engagement_photographer_031 Amelia Island Wedding Photographer Amelia Island Wedding Photographer Amelia Island Wedding Photography



We love going to the beach.  Any opportunity we get to go is always a good one.  So when Taylor & Alissa told us about their beach wedding plans in Mexico, we couldn’t wait for their big day.  They were married in a place called El Fin del Mundo.  It was the perfect location backed up to the beach, right where these two said their vows.  The nice fresh ocean air and golden beach sun made their day so naturally beautiful.  The Mariachi band, luminaries, and dancing under the stars were just a few of the details that made this beach wedding perfect.

rocky_point_wedding_photographer_001 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_002 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_003 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_004 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_005 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_006 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_007 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_008 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_009 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_010 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_011 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_012 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_013 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_014 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_015 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_016 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_017 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_018 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_019 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_020 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_021 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_022 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_023 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_024 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_025 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_026 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_027 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_028 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_029 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_030 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_031 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_032 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_033 rocky_point_wedding_photographer_034 (1) rocky_point_wedding_photographer_035 (1)

We loved Andrew and Tara’s idea to have a more intimate lifestyle engagement session in their apartment in Jersey City.  Once they started to tell us about some of their hobbies and day to day activities we knew this would be an amazing shoot.  They both love to read and with Tara working as a book editor and Andrew finishing his masters in literature, it was evident books would be involved.  Tara and Andrew are so affectionate to one another and had some awesome ideas for their lifestyle engagement session. Their shoot is a little story about their life together right now and we love that. Andrew grinds and brews his own coffee and while Tara does not drink it, she was a good sport to hold a cup with him and relax on the couch. They live near the waterfront in Jersey City which has a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. Even though it was nice and cold, we were very lucky it was not raining.  Even if it had rained, they would have been holding onto each other and just as adorable.  They will be getting married in Arizona and we are so excited to be a part of their day. New_York_engagement_photographer_0001 New_York_engagement_photographer_0002 New_York_engagement_photographer_0003 New_York_engagement_photographer_0004 New_York_engagement_photographer_0005 New_York_engagement_photographer_0006 New_York_engagement_photographer_0007 New_York_engagement_photographer_0008 New_York_engagement_photographer_0009 New_York_engagement_photographer_0010 New_York_engagement_photographer_0011 New_York_engagement_photographer_0012 New_York_engagement_photographer_0013 New_York_engagement_photographer_0014 New_York_engagement_photographer_0015 New_York_engagement_photographer_0016 New_York_engagement_photographer_0017 New_York_engagement_photographer_0018 New_York_engagement_photographer_0019 New_York_engagement_photographer_0020 New_York_engagement_photographer_0028 New_York_engagement_photographer_0031 New_York_engagement_photographer_0032 New_York_engagement_photographer_0037 New_York_engagement_photographer_0038

Photos shot with digital and Mamiya 645 AFDii 80mm 1.9 with Fuji 400h

Going to New York was a big adventure in many ways for us.  While Mike and I have traveled the country on road trips, going to New York was my first time on a plane. Crazy right!!! I have been in a small 4 passenger plane, but never a commercial flight.  Luckily I loved it and have no fear of flying because we have been flying all over the place this year and have many destinations on our calendar.

We were in New York in the middle of April and while it was still pretty cold and rainy, we got to see the cherry blossoms blooming all over the city.  Even in the rain and cold it is a gorgeous place to be and we cannot wait for our next trip back.

Most of the photos shown here are in Central Park.  We explored a lot more of the city than just Central Park, but our hotel was next to the park and so we walk through it every day multiple times.  There are still so many places we did not get to visit, and because of the rain, there are a lot of places we did visit but only got to photograph with our iPhone.  We decided not to show off many of those awesome iphone photos.  Mostly we shot with our Mamiya 645 AFD ii using Fuji 400h, Portra 400, Porta 800, Ilford 3200, and Fuji Neopan Acros 100.

New_York_photographer_001 New_York_photographer_007 New_York_photographer_013 New_York_photographer_014 New_York_photographer_017 New_York_photographer_018 New_York_photographer_020 New_York_photographer_024 New_York_photographer_028

These last three shots are just from an iPhone.  We took some awesome photos in Time Square at night on B&W film with our Mamiya 645 AFD ii.  Those photos still need to be scanned so they can be shared in another post.