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Baby Photography Worth Package


Photography continues to be a rapidly growing niche in the world of photography, and some bright newborn photographers take their business to the next level by offering a full year package.

This “Baby First Year” package is fun for parents and new photographers, as both can see newborns grow, mature and thrive in their first year on the planet. New parents really appreciate being marketed for Baby’s First Year package, as most of them do not want to miss these formative moments with a bunch of their joy.
Years of Key Milestones

This photography package effectively offers baby portraits a year and can include some “first year milestones” in the lives of children. Newborn props and a baby & child background help organize scenes for photos that affect this. Packages may include photos of the week, three months, six months, nine months, as well as the first birthday surprise photo / cake.

Another approach is to highlight developmental changes in the baby’s first year; For example, babies tend to be more alert at three to four months, starting to crawl seven months and standing or even walking nine or ten months. However, many photographers feel fortunate to be able to offer different types of packages to fit their parents’ preferences and budgets.

Examples of baby / baby package packages for your studio may include:

  • Baby’s first year
  • Photo monthly for the entire first year
  • Newborns, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, 10 months, first birthday / cookie smash
  • Newborns, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, first birthday / cookie smash
  • Newborn baby, 4 months, 8 months, first birthday / cookie smash
  • Newborn baby, 6 months, first birthday / smash cake
  • Buy two, get one: Newborn shoots, plus two other shoots when parents choose

You can be somewhat flexible with the scheduling of each bud, as parents may want to ensure certain “milestones” in development have been achieved. Here are some developmental stages for you and your parents to watch out for:

  • 3 months: baby feels more alert and even smiling
  • 4 months: babies can raise their own heads
  • 6 months: baby can sit alone
  • 7 months: most babies can crawl
  • 9 months: some babies are able to stand up or at least stop
  • 10 months: some babies can walk

Tips How to Adjust the Price

Packages will be priced according to “volume discount” per session for deeper packages. Pre-payments for the entire package may result in additional discounts, but you may also offer an “installment plan”, which enables clients who get the budget to gradually pay for packages in each session. Packages may include a number of prints per session, but a number of additional options are also available: DVD slideshows, additional prints, and coffee table books after the first birthday are some additional ideas.
Benefit of Baby’s First Year Package

The benefits of offering this package are win-win for photographers and clients.
Benefits to clients include:

  • The main stages of the baby’s first month are documented
  • Photos offer a professional look that should be difficult to achieve
  • Photos can be given as gifts to friends and relatives
  • Photo appreciation creations will be fun for future generations
  • Benefits for photographers include:
  • Minimal marketing is required for significant upside potential
  • Repeat existing business of pregnant women and newborns

First Year Package Babies can be marketed naturally to maternity clients and promoted in addition to newborn portraits. Obviously, the client receives a number of benefits from ordering this photography package, so if you find the ideal price point for your geographic area and client, you may find that many new parents are interested in this package.

Newborn baby photography and baby photography are as popular as ever, and with new visual aids and backgrounds available every year, there are no signs of slowing down. One of the best ways to bring newborn photography to a whole new level in your business is to offer a full-year baby photography package. This package is a win-win for both parents and new photographers; Parents can enjoy professional photos from their new new milestone, and photographers can cultivate lifelong relationships.

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