We are a collection of fans who love photography and equipment. Not like traditional media, we don’t concentrate on objectivity, but rather on coordination. What is in other words is that while you will sometimes receive only-free borrowers’ products and trips and from the companies that you write, this will often be the times in the discussions that we publish.

We will never ask for free gifts, give awards to companies that provide them, or punish unapproved companies. Our product reviews are in accordance with our opinions obtained from direct tests, and – regardless of our relationship with the company behind them – are not infrequently profitable.

We alienate our advertising and editorial content. Advertisers have no interest in our content, we also never accept any compensation format with an imbalance of blog posts.

We will often use links when directing readers in other locations to access more about the product. We receive several dividends from sales obtained through this hook. The use of links will never be provoked by our content or opinions.