Photography is similar to any other art, practice makes perfect.

On your journey to hone your skill, experiences are needed, and those experiences include what you could learn from others. Learning from others is always one of the best method there is, merely sharpening your skills. While you doing this, you will get close to your original and unique art. Here are a few names that might be your inspire you.

Annie Leibovitz

She is one of the world most famous photograph artist. She starts her shooting career working with The Rolling Stones, doing her job with them at around 10 years, then moving to another place. She took a few publications shoot but she did most of it with Vanity Fair. Try to get the latest edition of their magazine, She probably the shooter of a number of the pictures there. She has photographed every celebrity that you can imagine and what distinguishes her from others is her style, lighting in particular. She uses a very contrasting radiation setting that produces images that are almost expressionless. The photos are very easy to recognize if you study deeply of her art, even for a little. The consistency of your art is a good skill, thats mean your work will get recognized easily.

If you wish to follow Annie Leibovitz’s path, try to mastering lighting technique. Even though studio lighting’s impression is a little hard, it’s a good price to pay. Special Lighting itself is not that expensive. Just find a good brand from the market with a very good price. In the end, what you need is compatibility with your gears.

Gregory Crewdson

The work of this man is a grand one. Imagine the richest portrait ever made and, he finished it. He becomes a familiar photographer because of this right proposition. He drains even millions to make one photo, all used for a single image. He studying large-scale equipment and continued to grow big. He applies everything, from broken hydrants to removing all setting manually to add this view. Using a large camera to scoop up deeper that occurs in each of the events and then make large prints. I just said for you are a technique to know profoundly and get photographs by sharing directly.

Ideas organize unique scenes at length. We don’t need a large sum of money or a large number of tools to make something that amazed people. I suggest starting by recreating a number of Gregory’s photos and try out something out of your own imagination.

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon originated from New York. Specialized in portrait, and also fashion. Becoming a well-known photographer after taking a large number of publications photos. In The American West is our main discussion here. He traveled to all countries to photograph many interesting photos of ordinary people. He will put a white cloth on the building and even a static background. His assistant will constantly relocate his large 8×10 camera when he interacts with the subject. He keeps walking, and take a portrait of finding spectacular expressions of the people facing his camera. A little close to Crewdson’s work, the Avedon prints this at most big. Details in each of the fantastic images.

While some people write this works as a mockery of blue-collar, it gives beautiful light to the profession of these people. It is offered to them, and they are not used to it and feel the experience live. The images are the most magnificent arts there is. He choose several people carefully, with their own uniqueness and captures the beauty of it. These photos are the most valuable drain time to see.

Elliott Erwitt

Moving on fromĀ large photography, He, in particular, takes pictures on 35mm cameras. Originated from France and move to The StatesĀ for study. Sharpened his skill inside the US Army. Elliott concentrates not a little on street photography, known as of the smartest street photographers who have ever graced the earth. The pictures are solid and funny as well. If you choose street photography, you find your role model!

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier becomes a well-known photographer after her death. In 2007, someone purchased a bunch of negative films and films that had not been developed from the auction. A little did he know the contents would be thousands of images immediately by a famous artist, with the name of Vivian Maier. Vivian lives her life as a caregiver. She especially took pictures on a 6×6 lens camera and accompanied her wherever she went. She photographed anything she likes while strolling the streets.

Even though she is a loner and strange, his picture does not match her side. Vivian dares to indicate a stranger looking directly facing her camera. Imagine what people think when they watch a caregiver point a camera to them. The most obvious thing is that the photos seem to come from a different era. Watch the work, looks like a picture that was taken in 1930 or 1940 era, while the photos was taken far later. Watch Finding Vivian Maier to study more about her.

Steve McCurry

Producing one of the greatest photographs of National Geographic. McCurry’s career sky-rocketed when he slipped into Afghanistan. He successfully sneaked film rolls abroad by attaching it into his clothes and the pictures became familiar.

His best photo titled “Afghan Girl”, a simple photo of a young girl. Hard to explain how extraordinary the portrait is. Something is just so unique about it. The World find it unique as well and it becomes a legendary photograph of National Geographic. Later on, he tried to copy the portrait by taking a photo of the very little girl, but it did not give the same vibe. Steve McCurry still kicking as a photographer nowadays, spending his life taking pictures of common folks.

Dorothea Lange

She was a documentary photographer, famous for her art in the era of depression. She worked in the Agricultural Security Administration which documenting people in the early 1930s and captured her very famous photo around this time. The photo titled Migrant Mother reflects a mother with her two children in a leaning tent. She told Lange, they lived on frozen veggies and birds they captured from the fields. One of the most surprising and iconic image.

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