All the hacks are super cheap, get ready to be amazed.

Explore the world of photography in a different point of view. Yes, we can drain thousands of dollars purchase equipment that will do the exact thing but this is far more exciting to work on DIY projects and have your self some amazing photography through all these things we make. Proudly present :

1. DIY Light Box

Go get a piece of paper & ribbon for this hack to work. Take a peek of the picture below, you must first stick the paper on the window. Place our subject right in front of the paper then use AV Mode on our camera (aperture f / 8, ISO 100). Next, open Exposure Compensation, press +1/+2, check your concentration and hit the shot. Bam, Magic!

2. DIY Hazy Photos

Here is another function to use your sandwich bag. You need the bag more than your sandwich do. Attach the sandwich bag to the lens as in the picture, make sure the parts obstruct the lens point of view. Go get your sandwich now, the bag i mean!

3. DI Thrilling Shadow Effect

Yeah i know, its a Tea Filter, a.k.a. Tea Strainer. This one probably the most underestimated DIY filter you ever had. This is very suitable if you need to use natural light. Just make sure the light is strong enough also you need to put the subject close to the strainer. If we set this up, strong shadows will appear that compose aesthetic patterns that accentuate depth.

4. Mobile Camera Macro Photos

Follow these steps below in order to start the DIY :

  1. You need to own a laser pen/pointer
  2. Take out the lens on the pointer
  3. Use a pin to hold it (Refers to Picture 4)
  4. Attach it to your camera
  5. Zoom in if you need it and Kaboom! Magic!

5. DIY Lens Flares

You will need a CD (your favorite singer, of course) and a DSLR camera. Make sure you pry up the lens hood before working on this hack because the lens hood is designed exclusively to ward off lens flares. Try to flash the CD with the opposite angle so that some of the light reflected from the CD enters the lens. You can see through the view finder and shoot as you watch the beacon intensify for many angles / CD placements. Easiest hack of your life! Take a peek!

6. DIY Bounce Flash

Only two affairs are needed for this simple photography hack : business cards and scissors. Below we embed this hacking usage steps:

  1. Pop our flash and mark the two flash arms (which connect them to the camera body) on your business card
  2. Cut business cards using scissors along the marked lines (depth for 1 cm)
  3. Install the business card into the flash as shown here and take a picture.

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