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3 Ways to Make The Best Plotagraph with The Poker Face Song Lady Gaga

Have you ever seen a portrait of your friends with background elements or a number of parts that seem to move like a video or is Gif the part that is different? That is what is called the Poltagraph effect, which in fact does not matter how many smartphone users. Well, this time you will describe 3 techniques for making a portrait with a moving background or plotagraph effect on a cellphone.

How to create an effect is actually easy. But for smartphone users on an Android basis it takes its own tricks to create a moving background. The problem is that the smartphone software only supports Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, Windows, and Mac and Linux. But there is a separate technique how to get around the Android.

1. Create a Plotagraph Effect Photo on an iPhone Cellphone

For those of you who have an iPhone or iPad, the techniques for making Plotagrah effects are as follows:

  • Open the Plotagraph software. Then press the plus sign and start editing
    Beginning with choosing a portrait that will be edited then choose a location that will be used as a move. An anchor button to create a point, or a mask button for shading. The size of the shading brush can be set with the button on the left side of the screen. If an error occurs, use the Eraser button to remove hatches.
  • The direction of movement
    Then press the Animate button to start handing the motion effect. Place your finger on the shaded location then slide it in the desired direction. An arrow appears to follow your finger. If you want to copy the arrow that has been made, press the Select button and press on the arrow you want to delete, then press the Delete button on the left of the screen. The speed of motion can be set via the Speed ​​button, while the area of ​​the image can be set with the Crop button.
  • Share and Save
    After finishing, you can select the Share button if you want to share to social media. You can also press the Save to Camera Roll button so that the image is saved to the phone greetings. Finished. Easy isn’t it?

To use the Plotagraph software on your mobile by downloading it in the App store.

2. How to Make a Free Plotagraph Effect on Android

Plotagraph application on mobile phones only supports iOS. But for those of you who use Android don’t need to be difficult, the following trick will make you have a portrait plotagraph effect that is even free. Follow the steps below.

  •  Direct Access to the Site and Register
    Open the Chrome browser on your android then access the website https://www.plotagraphs.com/ website. Next, do the account creation registration. Next, check your email and do account activation. After that you can directly log in to your account at the Plotagraph.
  • Start Photo Editing
    After entering the Plotagraph, select the Plotagraph option and acknowledge your photo upload process. After the portrait of your choice is uploaded, press the Create button. Next, there will be an editing area like the iPhone software. But because this is free, a number of features cannot be used. But the features that are available are pretty good for making portraits with a moving background. To edit press the arrow keys, the Direct or Lasso selectuon tool will be present. Press the Animate button, three options are present. Choose Animation Point to create the motion point. Use the Stabilizier Point option to create a moving area, and Delete Point to delete points that aren’t quite right. The speed of motion can be adjusted by reducing the Animate button, while the speed of the image is arranged by reducing Crop.
  • Share and download
    When the editing process has finished, press the share button then select Custom Export. Set the file type, frane, codec and video quality, after that press the Export button, then My Export. After a certain amount of time, an explanation for the size of the file and download button will appear.

If it turns out that there is an error or does not succeed in downloading, or it cannot be downloaded it can be tricked by Share. Share the Plotagraph portrait from your edits to WA, your friend, then please send it to your WA. Well, from WA you can download a portrait of your work on the Plotagraph.

How to Make a Plotagraph Effect with Alternative Applications

In addition to directly accessing the site, you can also make portraits with background moves with other free software but have the same effect. It’s called Loopsie. You just need to pick up the image with this software, then touch and select the object you want to move, then save.

Those are the 3 techniques for making portraits with a moving background on both iPhone and Android phones. Can be done with Plotagraph or with alternative software. Please try. And even better if the results of your plotagraph is added by Lady Gaga’s song titled Poker Face uplifting. Do you know? This song is also often used by poker business people to awaken the atmosphere of all the players.

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Come on, wait for it to make a plot plot and not forget to visit the website …

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